Trustee Services

Business Management

  • Real Estate Management
  • Plant & Machinery Maintenance
  • Employee Administration
    • Employment & Layoff Adjustment, Supervisory Management, Payroll Administration
  • Production Management
    • Material Acquisition, Material Returns & Quality Control
  • Insurance Review/Oversight
    • Unemployment, Liability, Property & Performance Bonds
  • Advertising for Product Promotion, Public Relations

Appraisal Services

  • Physical Inventory
  • Walk Through Appraisals
  • Detailed Appraisals
  • In-Place & Removal Values
  • Video/Photo Appraisals
  • On-Going Business Valuations
  • Technology, Patents, Goodwill, Other I.P.

Asset Marketing Services

  • Market Research
  • Market Analysis-Marketing Support Services
    • Planning, Advertising, Direct Mail, Publicity, Telemarketing, Email & Search Engine Exposure
  • Resource & Referral Networking
    • Interworking Relationships w/Approved Vendors

Asset Liquidation Services

  • Capital Asset, Real Estate, IP
  • Live & Online Auctions
  • Going-Out-Of-Business Sales
  • Secured Lender Sales
  • Foreclosure Sales
  • Liquidation Sales
  • Negotiated Sales
  • Bulk Sales

Credit Management And Support Services

  • Inventory Control & Management
    • Bank Accounts, Payments to Suppliers, Owners, Debtors
  • Accounts Receivables
    • Collections, Processing & Disbursement of Funds
  • Coordination of Lawsuits on Behalf of Debtors
  • Accounting Services
    • Interim Reports, Operating Reports, Attestation Agreements, Compilation & Review, Forensics
  • Credit Research and Reporting
  • Adjustment Bureau
    • Creditors Meetings, Compromise Settlements, Extension Agreements, General Assignments, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Administration

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