REO Clients

National Lenders Bank doing business across the country profit by using our one contact National Closing Desk. Ongoing agreements for property management, sales and title work enable a smooth transition for any number of properties.

Regional Lenders Small or community bankers find us a willing and able partner in managing REO. Our process of taking property from pre-foreclosure direct to third party sale has been practiced for almost a generation our REO management service can serve as an extension of your bank.

Secondary Market Investors The New Era of National Mortgage Management gives our Federal Government the responsibility to enforce high standards of housing for the population. As part of the underwriting process many segments of the government are routinely faced with disposal of surplus property. By using the auction process in disposition the real market value of property is obtained and markets are allowed to function freely again. Our clients are meeting their fiscal responsibility to our culture and achieving immediate returns and market value for their REO portfolios.

Servicer Bond and mortgage servicers are included in responsible parties able to enlist our processes of initial preservation to final sale while obtaining maximum fair market returns on property. All categories of real estate are served.

Government Agencies Bill Fair and Company has been a contract services provider to many local, state and federal agencies, such as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Resolution Trust Corporation and the Small Business Administration with whom we have had an ongoing relationship since 1980.

Private Lenders/Inventors Our services are used for all REO sales needs nationwide.

For more information contact Bill Fair, head of client services

Some of our past clients include:

McDonald’s Corporation

Ford Motor Company

G.E. Capital Credit


Churches Fried Chicken

Small Business Administration

Resolution Trust Corporation

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Internal Revenue Service

United States Marshals Service

US Trustee Bankruptcy Court

Bank of America

US Bank
Numerous other financial institutions, law firms and corporations

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