Certified Appraisals

Bill Fair and Company has been providing lenders and fiduciary agents valuations for real estate, industrial equipment and personal property since 1970. The need for valuations vary from new loan documentation, refinance requirements, anticipated liquidation, partnership or family division, insurable values, tax valuation or estate valuation.

Costs of Appraisals
Typically an hourly fee is charged. Travel and out of pocket expenses are in addition to the appraisal fee. The type of appraisal required will influence the cost. The least expensive appraisal is the Desktop.

Here's the Appraisal Process
Step #1- Establish the purpose for the appraisal along with the value concept to be utilized.

Step #2- Carefully inspect and properly identify the machinery & equipment to be appraised. The identification includes a description, model number, serial number, and a digital photograph. Furthermore, we take note of condition, rebuilds, retrofits, and any other factors which can affect value.

Step #3- The next step is to research the value and take all approaches to value into consideration. Our data base has up-to-date market information on the sales of machinery and equipment throughout the world. Combine this with our 40 years of appraisal experience, and we are able to estimate the true worth of your assets.

Step #4- Once the research is complete and the values have been assigned, we will deliver a USPAP compliant bound presentation. To better serve you, we have electronic appraisal reports available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format or spreadsheet.

An Invitation
If we can be of any service to you please call toll-free 1-800-887-6929. Of course we are always happy to discuss (at no charge) any potential equipment appraisals or machinery auctions you may become involved with, whether it is a specific machine or an entire plant.

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